Myofunctional Therapy Training For Dental Offices

In recent years, there's been a surge of awareness of myofunctional therapy and the conditions it treats so effectively. Patients are increasingly seeking out myofunctional therapists, and one place they're looking in in their dentist's office.

Historically, dentists and orthodontists have referred out their patients to myofunctional therapists like myself but there's a drive to bring the therapy in-office as a component of a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care.

I'm proud to be able to offer a full myofunctional therapy training program for dental offices.

This training program consists of four core modules designed to give the entire dental team a thorough grounding in myofunctional therapy. It will allow seamless integration of the therapy into existing practice protocols and systems.

This program has been designed to be conducted remotely taking advantage of the convenience and effectiveness of online training but it is also flexible enough to be done in-office.

The modules are structured as follows:

Module One – Signs And Symptoms (Four Hours)

Module Two – Patient Evaluation (Three Hours)

Module Three – The Exercises and Treatment (Four Hours)

Module Four – Practice Management (Two Hours)

A substantial amount of written and visual information will be provided, including videos of all the exercises and techniques. In addition, one-on-one support and video conference calls are available as needed.