Feedback On My Mentoring Program

My Spring 2015 Introductory Mentoring Program is in full swing at the moment – we’re working through the first four week module, and the hygienists seem to be loving our twice-weekly calls.

The graduates from the Fall 2014 program (which finished in January 2015) are already seeing patients as myofunctional therapists. They’ve expanded their career choices and learned new ways to help people – I’m very proud of them.

I was thrilled to get some great feedback from Roxy, one of the Fall 2014 alumni. She had the following to say:

"Sarah's course is amazing in the understanding portion. I feel confident talking to patients and even felt confident in the meeting with the orthodontist. She is always available to answer questions about specific issues or how to treat a particular case. I am just starting to see patients and I have some insecurity just from lack of experience, but I know if I hit a snag Sarah will be a call or email away and that makes me feel secure.

Her course also covers the business end of things and that's really helpful.

I feel really excited and as prepared as possible without having any previous experience. Her course definitely covers everything and we went over things multiple times so I've retained most of it. I have copies of all the PowerPoint's to refer to in case I don't recall something. This course is well worth the financial and time investment."

If you’d like to find out more about my mentoring programs, or to chat about the Summer 2015 program that’ll kick off on the 22nd of June, please feel free to drop me a note or to give me a call – you can find all my contact information right here.