Testimonials From My Graduates

I'll be starting another introductory mentoring program in January 2019. I'm thrilled to have been able to work with so many motivated and professional students. Here's some feedback from a few of my graduates. If these testimonials raise any questions for you, or if you'd just like to have a chat about the possibilities myofunctional therapy can offer your hygiene career, please feel free to get in touch right here.

“Hi Sarah,

I hope you have been enjoying your time away and some vacation!  I just wanted to share some good news with you…

It has been three weeks since officially launching my myofunctional therapy practice!  In that short time I’ve worked with six paying clients, five being kids doing MiniMyo in three session increments as needed.

I am starting a habit elimination program with a set of twins this Tuesday! And my best news of all so far is I booked my first adult client today for a 12-session program at $2400!! She saw Dr Zaghi yesterday after we referred her there and was so eager to get started!  

After seeing how much work and time etc. I’ve been putting into this and also watching this business webinar during my lunch yesterday where the lady stated it is absolutely normal to charge $2400 for a 4-6 month program, it just helped push out any fears or doubts, especially as a newbie. I decided I was gonna go for it with my adult patient today and she didn’t bat an eye. She arranged to pay half today and half in a month. I have her CC on file and it was really good appt. I’m excited for the opportunity. 

Also my doctor paid for me to take Dr Zaghi’s functional frenuloplasty class next Saturday, so I will be able to see it first hand and learn his protocol at the perfect time.

I’m learning so much of what to do and what not to do and can see the learning will never stop. I’m so glad to be a part of your mentoring program, and thankful for all of your support and help thus far. It can only get better!

Anyways just wanted to share! Speak with you soon on our next call and enjoy the rest of your trip!” - Stephanie, RDH from California

“I was lucky enough to find Sarah through her YouTube channel, and I am so glad that I did. After completing her myofunctional therapy course, and having my tongue tie released, I have seen dramatic improvements in proper tongue placement, TMJ symptoms, facial muscle tone, and even reduced snoring! Sarah was fantastic to work with; she is not only an expert in her field, but she also has an engaging and upbeat coaching style that made this course fun!”
-    Brooke, RDH from Oregon

"In just one week of listening to your calls, I've learnt more than I did in the 4 day introduction course. My mind is actually on over drive trying to process it all. I'm sitting here reading "The 8-Hour Sleep Paradox"... and it makes complete sense. Yet... scary that this isn't mainstream healthcare!!"
-    Natalie, RDH from Australia

“I choose to learn from the best. When it comes to learning, filling in gaps and putting pieces of the puzzle together,  Sarah Hornsby is that person you want to contact. She is skillful, organized, passionate, teaching from personal experience, and excited to show you the way. She lets all of her secrets out, answers any of your questions, always available to you and tries to help you any way she can. What she teaches you will help you improve your knowledge not just during the course, but beyond.”
-    Lana, RDH from New York

“I would without a doubt recommend Sarah's MyoMentor Program to anyone interested in the field. Starting a new career can be an intimidating task. Her approach walks you through the process in a seamless manner. Her thoughtful curriculum teaches you the fundamentals in a week-by-week process that encourages and fosters learning and confidence. A knowledgeable and personable colleague, she continues to reach out to me months after I finished her course. If you think Myofunctional Therapy is for you, Sarah is the real thing!”
-    Arturo RDH, MS from New Mexico

“I highly recommend Sarah's MyoMentor program. Orofacial myofunctional disorders and therapy are a vast subject with so many aspects of consideration. Being taught those over the course of three months, instead of a short course, allowed me to have a strong foundation and good understanding which prepared me to start my own business as soon as I had completed the course. I appreciate Sarah's positivity and enthusiasm on this subject - and for life in general! She also has built a strong support network via her study club and follow up conversations, so I have always felt if I have a question Sarah is there to help. For someone wanting to broaden their hygiene career into myofunctional therapy, or for someone who already is in the field and wants to enhance their business, Sarah is a valuable teacher and coach”.
-    Roxanne, RDH from Alaska

"Sarah's mentoring program is exactly what I needed to get my Myofunctional Therapy practice started. She lays the program out in a simple, easy format to understand. I was feeling excited, but overwhelmed after taking an intro OMT course prior to finding Sarah. She takes all the puzzle pieces of important information and organizes it into a logical and practical way. She helped me gain confidence to transition from being a dental hygienist to a myofunctional therapist. I highly recommend Sarah's program for those interested in OMT, regardless if you've taken any other courses or as a first introductory course.”
-    Rebecca, RDH from Minnesota

“Sarah's mentoring program is really well-organized and supportive. I think it is ideal to take part in while learning orofacial myofunctional therapy, since you can commit to being in a learning environment week after week and it gives you time to really absorb what you are exposed to after each lesson, and ask questions as they come up. I initially had found Sarah as a potential patient, because I had mild sleep apnea (AHI of 7). Since I was a hygienist, I became my own first patient. A year later, my next sleep study showed an AHI of 0.2.”
-    Andrea, RDH from Washington

“I highly recommend the MyoMentor program for first time practitioners. Sarah offers a well-rounded curriculum for anyone practicing Myofunctional therapy in a variety of settings. As a working hygienist, I appreciate the value of learning myofunctional therapy at a slower pace and in a small group. Sarah provides many studies, visual examples, videos, case studies, group and one on one discussions which makes the course so impactful. Sarah continues to give me support and encouragement a year after the program and feel that she truly has invested in my success as a therapist.”
-   Tamara, RDH, BS from Washington

"Sarah's mentoring program fills a gap in the emerging field of Oral Myofunctional Therapy. As a dental hygiene educator myself, I liked that the curriculum is straight forward, organized and easy to understand. I now have the confidence to assess a patient, develop a treatment plan and set up my business. The bi-weekly classes are interesting, allowed for discussion and offered additional resources to further my knowledge in the field of OMT. I highly recommend this course for the first time student. For those who have attended OMT workshops and are feeling overwhelmed, this is the class for you. Sarah put the pieces of the puzzle together for me."
-    Shelly, RDH from California