Why Choose Me

Mentoring vs Training

My mentoring programs are not for hygienists who are mostly focused on getting CE credits or some type of certification.


I offer a multifaceted approach that includes personalized instruction and guidance, group collaboration and continued support. I want you to feel totally comfortable and confident with your new skills, so that you can go out into the world and actually use them. In fact, you can leave my program having already worked with patients as a myofunctional therapist.

These programs are versatile enough to cater to hygienists with no experience in myofunctional therapy and to those who have already taken a training course.

I’m a Hygienist Too

I’ve been where you are, and I know what it’s like to want to make a change but not know how. I’m passionate about helping other hygienists find satisfaction and clarity in their careers, along with happiness in their lives.

My mentoring programs are designed by a hygienist, from a hygienist’s perspective, for other hygienists.

Personalized Programs

All my programs are individually designed to meet your specific needs. The first thing we do is to determine exactly what you want to accomplish by becoming a myofunctional therapist.

Unique Structure

My programs are based on weekly modules. This allows you to absorb each week’s topic and practice it before moving on to the next. Each week includes individualized learning as well as group collaboration. In addition, our one-on-one time allows us to work through any specific questions you may have, plus the Facebook group is an amazing resource.

This combination of learning styles is what makes mentoring so much more effective than a conventional course.

Group Interaction and Support

When you sign up for my mentoring program, you instantly become part of a group of hygienists who are just like you. By studying together, we benefit from shared experience, collective wisdom and inspiring group energy. This means that you’re never on your own.  

Cutting Edge Technology

My mentoring programs are completely unique because they use a combination of video, teleconferencing, Skype sessions and other online collaboration methods.

There’s not a classroom in sight, so you can participate from anywhere. Today’s technology makes this not only possible, but also seamless. It’s convenient, easy, and can fit into even the busiest hygienist’s schedule.