Epigenetics and Tongue-Tie

I recently hosted Stacy Fletcher, RDH BS OMT on my Myomentor Study Club call. The topic was Epigenetics and Tongue-Tie but as she put it in her introductory slide, it could have been called Epigenetics - What It Is, And Why It's Making Us The Sickest Generation Yet!

As I said in this post on my Faceology website, the subject of tongue-ties has gone from being something few of my patients had ever heard of to something I get contacted about on a daily basis. Stacey goes into a lot of detail on the MTHFR gene mutation that's connected to tongue-ties, and she covers so much else including:

  1. The definition of epigentics
  2. DNA methylation and its role in the body
  3. Nutrigenomics - the study of nutrition and genes
  4. Methyl genetic nutrition
  5. Eating for your genes
  6. Water
  7. Makeup and clothing
  8. Antibiotics
  9. Stress
  10. Oral development
  11. Folic acid supplementation for pregnant women

I think this call was one of the most interesting we've ever had on the Study Club. It really is essential listening for any myofunctional therapist or health practitioner, and not just those who deal with the mouth and tongue-ties.